About Robin Mosman



Robin Mosman is 73, a retired teacher, and lives in the Blue Mountains with her husband Warwick. Their two married daughters live nearby, and their six much-loved grandchildren, ranging in ages from 20 to 3.

Between 1982 and 1994, Robin co-ordinated three major resident action/environment campaigns on the Central Coast.

She has trained in conflict resolution, and from 1995 – 1998 was Inaugural Chair of the Central Coast Waste Board.

In 1998 she and Warwick moved to the Blue Mountains. In 2000 she became President of the Blue Mountains Conservation Society, and in 2003 co-ordinated the successful response of the Blue Mountains community to the threat of the filming of war movie Stealth in the World Heritage Wilderness at Butterbox Point.


From early 2006 to late 2009 she ran a facilitated email campaign, the Citizens Climate Campaign, with some friends, to put climate change on the political agenda of the climate-sceptic Howard government.

In June 2014 she and Warwick went to the Leard Blockade. They returned there in August 2014 with a group from the Blue Mountains Conservation Society, and blockaded a coal access road.


In October 2014, with the support of Warwick and friends, she launched Grandparents for Generational Equity.


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