Grandparents for Generational Equity represented at the Planning Assessment Commission (PAC) meeting on Rio Tinto’s Warkworth Mine expansion at Bulga

On Wednesday 1 July, Robin and Warwick Mosman drove the 4 hours from their home in the Blue Mountains to Singleton in the Hunter Valley, to represent Grandparents for Generational Equity at the PAC meeting on the determination of Rio Tinto’s Warkworth mine expansion at Bulga. This was the last opportunity for people to voice their concerns, and Robin spoke on behalf of the future generations of Australians who will be affected by the decision made by the commission.

Told that she was listed to speak in the middle of the afternoon, they arrived at midday to find they were lucky to be there in time, as a number of speakers had apparently been quite quick, and by the time they arrived there were only 3 left ahead of Robin, and she was the last! Actually it was quite fortuitous, as what she had to say summarised points many others had touched on, and her final comments provided a good end to the proceedings.

Read Robin’s whole speech here.


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